The Younger The Executives, The Higher The Requirements Of Green IT

Ten years ago, the IT manager of a company hardly take into account the rational use of energy, water and space in their major decisions. Their investments usually rested on the relationship between performance and technological equipment costs. Today the requirements for an architecture of technology infrastructure are much more conscious about the use of natural resources.


IT managers who are in their 30s are powered by challenges and seek to be more attuned to the discussions of the current globalized world. Sustainability, for example, is a subject that is always at hand. But there comes a generation of young which today are trainees and interns in large enterprises and now have priority transform their work environments. Incidentally, they are the main agents ecorresponsáveis within their own homes.


But how green are businesses? The company does not have its brand associated with sustainable growth in stocks, rational use of natural resources, respect for the environment and energy efficiency will be subject to be viewed by the market as a usurper of the planet. You must assume that the company effectively ecologically responsible behavior. Accordingly, the new generation will have much to contribute. There are many universities today who are concerned to develop technological solutions.


In the United States, the Agency for Environmental Protection highlights the production of four million tons of electronic waste per year. Many parties, including, are toxic. Size and risk wasting impose a discussion of disposability.


According to the survey, new infrastructure projects consider the reuse of equipment or go for solutions like pay per consume cloud solutions that can still get an upgrade or by integrating a virtualization project, become better in their ability.


Believing that a project will be more efficient if the investments fall on new equipment is a misconception. As this is usually the part that requires higher investments, it is the company who is responsible for the project offer and the model that is not only within the client’s budget but meeting the real needs of the company and the planet.

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