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In the not too distant past, the technology department, or CPD as it was called, had total control of a company that was sued.

IBM 3277 Terminal

At the time, maintaining a mainframe with an appropriate structure for its operation, it was not easy. The costs were very high, the trained professionals were few, as there were a few pre-built applications and specialized consulting services available and accessible to organizations that were developed. Everything was inside the house, and the end user ended up being satisfied with a half dozen reports that hardly mirrored the situation, be it any area of the company.

If a user needed a change in a system, even for the inclusion of an extra field in a listing, it was necessary to submit such a need that would put the request in a queue whose waiting time is not always met by the expectations of the user.

Then came the micro-computers. Earlier these machines began to enter the business by their own IT departments, who analyzed the few existing suppliers and recommending this or that brand, but did not give much attention to the ripple effect that started.

Crossing one user who needed information from two or three reports that were delivered by CPD, has put the information into spreadsheets and do the analysis right there I needed. A little later, he discovered that the staff of the CPD convert data from reports on file type row and column, there was no need to transcribe information from reports. It all happened faster than waiting for the ideal report prepared by CPD.

It was how the micro-computers invaded enterprises, including micro, small and medium too. The staff of the CPD was getting less and less “problems” to solve the systems increasingly available in the market, etc. …. The rest of the story all users with more than 40 years already knows. It became easier to get than a micro achieve a better place in the priority queue of CPD.

Some say that the advent of internet only made things worse for the class of CPD, yet resists the idea that user as guardian of the absolute data orbiting business. Information security and dedicated servers themselves needs a team specializing in maintenance all, finally, some points are discussed in forums where we found the staff this season and he’s not convinced that IT is just a tool for a lot of companies.

Today we are seeing the movement toward cloud computing or cloud hosting. Who was getting used to the idea of putting something in data centers, hire some systems ready. Now looks to the ‘cloud’ and see another avalanche of changes prowling their assignments. Processing returns to be centralized, may not even know where is the mainframe, which also changed its name and shape, but one thing is certain … “The data and information are under the control of the companies, departments, users, and not only with the most IT staff, “as in the past”. We can find almost everything we need in the market, and sometimes it’s just a question mark or price. But who is better prepared to make the choice?

Does not change the fact that it is for IT professionals that use their expertise to help companies achieve their goals, as each of the users of the other areas. What changes is how this contribution will happen going forward, and it is of no use to blame the technology because it is present to be used in the best way possible for the benefit of business.

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